Diorama Production Team (A02-2)

This team leaders are Dr. Shinohara, who is measuring structure-motion interaction of sperm flagella and tracheal cilia from molecular to tissue scale, and Dr. Kikuchi, who is conducting in vivo visualization measurement of zebrafish intestine. We will support the fabrication of experimental apparatuses for other groups, including open research.

Research Subject

Development of in vivo 4D-X-ray tomography visualization of dense microorganisms in Diorama environments

In this project, we will develop a visualization method to observe the behavior of protists at the cellular level in a highly fluctuating real environment "as it is".
If we can obtain microbial movement information with high temporal resolution without disturbing the biological information, it will lead to a better understanding of the dynamics of microbial suspension flow. In order to obtain more refined observation conditions (accuracy, resolution, and reproducibility) without affecting environmental information (temperature, density, concentration, etc.) and biological information (metabolism, absorption, degradation, movement, genetic information, etc.) by observation methods, analysis and analysis that take into account the constraints of observation conditions are necessary. By constructing a Diorama environments that awakens the abilities of protists, we aim to elucidate the microbial flow mechanisms in cell suspensions by using the latest measurement techniques for cell population movement and localization.

In the experiment on sperm, I will collaborate with Dr. Shiba of group A01 and Dr. Ishikawa of group B01-1. In the experiment on microalgae, I will collaborate with Dr. Shikada of Group A01 and Dr. Ishikawa of Group B01-1. We will construct diorama environments and visualization methods for other groups in the area, and build experimental systems and analysis methods to verify microbial flow mechanisms.
The team will support the production of Diorama environments in the entire research area.

Diorama Production Team (A02-2)

In vivo live image of gut microbiota spatial temporal distribution in the zebrafish larval posterior intestine


Diorama Production Team (A02-2)

Kenji Kikuchi

Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Associate Professor Kenji Kikuchi

D. (Engineering), Toyo University, 2009.
Worked as an assistant professor at the School of Science and Engineering, Toyo University, and as a project assistant professor and associate professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University before assuming his current position.
Specialized in biofluid measurement, live imaging, biomechanics, fluid mechanics.

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Shuichi Nakamura

Tohoku University
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Applied Physics
Associate ProfessorShuichi Nakamura

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Yasuaki Miyagawa

Hirosaki University
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Faculty of Science and Technology
Assistant ProfessorYasuaki Miyagawa

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