Mechanical Modeling Team (B01-1)

Mechanical Modeling Team (B01) consists of Dr. Ishikawa, who is studying behavioral algorithms of ciliates, and Dr. Ishimoto, who is constructing mathematical models of sperm chemotaxis. Using the methods of biophysics and applied mathematics, the team will mechanically model the responses of various microorganisms, cell-cell interactions, and cell-environment interactions.

Research Subject

Development of an Ethological Simulator Based on Microorganism Dynamics in Physical Environments

This research aims to decipher the algorithms of protist intelligence by mechanically model microorganism dynamics in physical environments.
First, we solve a series of governing equations of conservation laws to obtain the physical quantities of the Diorama and Panorama environments in detail. Next, mathematical modeling of the cellular response is performed to calculate the behavior of individual cells. Finally, we develop an "Ethological Simulator" by calculating the collective behavior of cells and the resulting environmental changes. Using the developed simulator, we will elucidate various behavioral algorithms, such as the behavioral algorithm of sperm, microalgae, intestinal bacteria, and ciliates.

In the experiment on sperm, we will collaborate with Dr. Shiba of group A01. In the experiment on microalgae, we will collaborate with Dr. Ueno and Dr. Shikata of A01. For experiments on ciliates, we will collaborate with Dr. Nishigami. We will build a simulator that can reproduce the experiments of our group as well as other groups, and conduct cell-environment coupled simulations to verify algorithms and provide feedback for diorama experiments.
This group will play an infrastructural role thorough mechanical modeling in the whole group.

Mechanical Modeling Team (B01-1)

Microorganisms performing a U-turn to escape from the dead end at the left side


Mechanical Modeling Team (B01-1)

Takuji Ishikawa

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University
Professor Takuji Ishikawa

1999 PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
Worked as an assistant and associate professor at University of Fukui, and then as an associate professor and professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University before assigned to his current position.
Specialized in biomechanics, fluid mechanics, biophysics

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Hironori Ueno

Aichi University of Education
Faculty of Education
Associate ProfessorHironori Ueno


Yukinori Nishigami

Hokkaido University
Research Institute of Electronic Science
Assistant ProfessorYukinori Nishigami

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