Algorithm Evaluation Team (B02-2)

The Algorithm Evaluation Group (B02) consists of Dr. Nakagaki, who is working on the algorithm of slime mold to find the shortest path in a maze, and Dr. Iima, who is working on the models of collective motion of microalgae. We will evaluate the algorithms proposed by other groups including Publicly Offered Research groups, and provide feedbacks to each research project.

Research Subject

Crosstalk algorithms between microbial behavior and the environment

Formulation of proto-intelligence requires mathematical description of the "ability" of individuals and populations of protists, which is unveiled in various Diorama environments. For this purpose, we need to extract the essentials from the information in experiments and numerical simulations. In this project, we will investigate how microalgae search for favorable places in various environments. We will model such adaptive movements of microalgae in Diorama environments in cooperation with our collaborators, who are data scientist and experimentalist of model-systems. Based on mathematical analysis and experimental verification of the models. we will formulate the proto-intelligence. Furthermore, in collaboration with other groups, we will compare the obtained results with the motions of sperm and marine algae to solve problems in reproduction and environmental red tides.

Algorithm Evaluation Team (B02-2)


Algorithm Evaluation Team (B02-2)

Makoto Iima

Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University
Professor Makoto Iima

Ph.D. in Science from Kyoto University in 1998, Assistant Professor at Research Institute for Electronic Sciences, Hokkaido University, Associate Professor at Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University, and Associate Professor at Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University, before present position.
Specialized in biofluid mechanics and nonlinear sciences

Lab. HP

Takayuki Yamaguchi

Shiga University
Data Science and AI Innovation Research Promotion Center
Assistant ProfessorTakayuki Yamaguchi

Lab. HP

Nobuhiko Suematsu


Meiji University
School of Interdisciplinary Mathematilca Sciences
ProfessorNobuhiko Suematsu

Lab. HP

Hiroshi Yamashita

Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life
Assistant Professor
(Special Appointment)
Hiroshi Yamashita


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