Mechanical Modeling Team (B01-2)

Mechanical Modeling Team (B01) consists of Dr. Ishikawa, who is studying behavioral algorithms of ciliates, and Dr. Ishimoto, who is constructing mathematical models of sperm chemotaxis. Using the methods of biophysics and applied mathematics, the team will mechanically model the responses of various microorganisms, cell-cell interactions, and cell-environment interactions.

Research Subject

Environment-coupled mechanical models for morphogenesis, reproduction, ecology, and evolution of microalgae

Fluid is surrounding single-cell organisms and accurate modeling with fluid dynamics is necessary to understand and utilize their environmental adaptive capabilities. Further, their nm-scale cellular substructure can affect the motions at the individual scale and diverse and complex distribution over several kilometers as seen in red tides. In addition, the adaptation ability evolves from generation to generation. Thus, ethological dynamics is essentially a multiscale phenomenon both in space and time. In this project, we aim to construct a mathematical model that describes a multiscale diorama environment with a particular focus on microalgae.

Specifically, we will work on the following topics: pattern formation of cell shape, hydrodynamic transportation of cells, a mechanical model of cellular movement in a complex environment, and the effects on ecology and evolution.
While collaborating within the group, we will also support other groups to work on the mechanical modeling of diorama ethology, and provide feedback for algorithm verification and diorama experiments. In this way, the group plays an infrastructural role for mechanical modeling in the entire project.

Mechanical Modeling Team (B01-2)

Numerical simulation of flows generated by a collection of sperm cells


Mechanical Modeling Team (B01-2)

Kenta Ishimoto

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University
Associate Professor Kenta Ishimoto

Dr. Kenta Ishimoto received his Ph. D. from Kyoto University in 2015, followed by research experience at Kyoto University, University of Oxford and The University of Tokyo, before joining RIMS as a faculty.
His research fields include applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, and mathematical biology.

Lab. HP

Shinya Sato

Fukui Prefectural University
Faculty of Marine Bioscience
ProfessorShinya Sato

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Kiori Obuse

Okayama University
Graduate School of Environmental Life and LifeSciences
Associate ProfessorKiori Obuse


Yoshiki Hiruta

Kyoto University
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Project
Assistant ProfessorYoshiki Hiruta


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